What is the OHB Advent Calendar?

The OHB advent calendar is an annual event run by (top ohb hostist) kleeder where botbrs compete daily in different formats, but they only have one hour to complete each entry! However, the OHB Advent Calendar is a series of OHBs (One Hour Battles), with each day being a different format!

Normal OHB rules apply:

  1. must be original work
  2. all work must be done within the hour
  3. you must follow all the rules set in the bitpack
  4. you must submit the appropriate file type for the given OHB format
  5. <cheese>you must HAWE FUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!</cheese>

Most formats are for chiptune music, however there are a few formats which have little restrictions (other than the bitpack) such as allgear, graphics formats (such as svg) and codist formats (liek this 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

All battles are hosted on the Battle of the Bits website, a.k.a. as BotB

All Formats Hosted so Far

Day Format Type Winner
1 mariopaint music flaminglog
2 snibbetracker music kleeder
3 deflemask music kleeder
4 draw graphics argarak
5 midi music argarak
6 aym music dippy

can't be bothered with all of them oops

hover over for advent joy

well done you win a gold star

dang it didn't load