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::: 12/04/1996

new intel pentium MMX processors have launched, will this be the end of the 486?!

regardless of hardware or software or the future, we at TURBO PHASOR 66MHz are sure to be supporting the users of 486 and 386 machines until the end of time we will prevail, the 486 IS UNDYING

thank you for hearing us out, we at turbo phasor 66Mhz appreciate your coming support using our channels

::: 24/05/1996

a new clone of the classic arcade game asteriods in here, for WINDOWS 95! (and 3.1)


like a regular game of asteriods with classic vector graphics, but you can upgrade your ship as you go with extra bombs, larger lasers and extra health

this version also includes BOSS BATTLES, with the final boss of the game being pluto. the main goal of the game is to disprove that pluto is a planet by destroying it, therefore it will be impossible to make that mistake again

we give this game a total of 7/10, a very solid and fun game, hard to put down

::: 02/06/1996

we at turbo phasor 66mhz would like to say that the AMD k5 processor sucks and is very bad for games, do not use it at all because it's a bad and slow processor for bad games.

DEATH TO THE AMD K5!!!!!!!!!!!!!