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using s3fs for navidrome -- learn from my mistake!
you may be like me and enjoy self-hosting stuff instead of paying someone else subscription fees to rent your media, which can be taken from you at any time, and may not even be an exhaustive collection of everything you want to listen to. i've been managing a local...
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hello fellow internet person! welcome to my next, long overdue internet place i wrote to put other things that i do on the internet for reasons. and also just for fun, why not, websites are cool!!!

feel free to explore and check out the things on here, you might come across something cool maybe! i'm hoping to keep things updated now, i haven't had the best track record as my previous websites haven't been active for long but this is a fresh start and i've built most of everything from the ground up to be relatively easy to manage. i suppose we'll have to see!

this is the first major stable release and there are plans for more cool web pages here, and for making other pages better, keep an eye on the bulletins if you're interested.

write something on my guestbook page!

got questions, queries, whatever? drop me an email!
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