about me:::

hello! welcome to my place on the interwebs where I will throw stuff that I'm doing onto, as it's always good to document things. especially in a nice decentralised place like this (maybe I should write about why everyone should have their own site, and if you don't then get one!)

my main output of things these days is musics! I make lots of different musics in a lot of different esoteric ways... courtesy of my own interest and activity on the 2nd best place on the internet (this one's 1st sorry): battleofthebits.org!

I mainly focus on creating musics that I enjoy listening to in particular, so a lot of experimental IDM electronic music nonsenses and chiptunes and ambient music and more stuff that's harder to categorise. do check out the musics section of this site if you want to give some of it a listen!

but wait there's more! i'm also an engineering student doing compsci with electronics and occasionally do dev stuff and electronics stuff. not much recently since my undergrad is taking up lots of my time though I definitely have some early projects I did to document on here. you can check out some of my web dev stuff in the "web stuff" section.

i've had many iterations of my own personal sites in the past, which is something that I still have to document but so far this has been my favourite design... there's a lot of charm to late 90s websites, at least I think so (even if this site actually uses a lot of modern tech heheh).

internet places:::

find more internet places (moreso musically related) at the musics section of the site...