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* i'm on the newly released 2HAC volume 14, "entropy"!

i'm on the newly released 2HAC volume 14, "entropy"!

hello! i did a thing for 2HAC, which is a music challenge to create a piece of music in 2 hours based on some abstract one-word theme. i already have a lot of experience making musics in a short amount of time but hey it was fun to experiment with this theme, it's pretty appropriate for the stuff i write in vcv rack.

go check out the album on bandcamps: Entropy [2HAC Volume 14]

my track is called "phase transition delta". it'll probably end up being on one of my "iteration" vcv rack compilation albums.

view on bandcamp

** idea/making of

for this track i wanted to do something generative with a lot of bernoulli gates to randomly change parts of the song, introduce sounds etc. 2HAC encourages recording the creation process for each track so i decided to do a stream (which i haven't really done before) that shows exactly how i made the track! if you're particularly interested in my workflow in vcv rack you might want to have a short skip through of this (but don't actually watch the whole thing, i bet you've got better things to do heh)

sorry in advance about the lack of voice legibility, that may or may not come with time / more practice recording things with commentary

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